Neville Reveals Cause of Shaw Difficult to Enter Mourinho Core Team

Neville Reveals Cause of Shaw Difficult to Enter Mourinho Core Team

Gary Neville argues that Luke Shaw’s difficulty to get a chance to play at Manchester United happens because he has not proven to Jose Mourinho that he can be trusted

Shaw is currently in a fit state after recovering from an ankle injury during the middle of this year, but he has only collected one performance so far this season.

The 22-year-old went to Lisbon for a Champions League clash against Benfica this week, but did not fit into Jose Mourinho’s side.

Neville assessed Antonio Valencia as an excellent right-back after United’s 1-0 victory in Portugal, which made the Red Devils top of Group A. But he admitted that Shaw had a job to do in order to be a top choice on the left-back, as Valencia right-back position.

“Luke should give the same level of performance as Antonio Valencia,” said Neville, who coached Shaw during the 2014 World Cup as assistant coach of Roy Hodgson in the England national team.

“Right now he’s still far from it. You have to build trust, as has been done by Valencia for the last two seasons. I believe Valencia when I see him and you know he will have a good game, you do not even question it, “added Neville.

“You do not think that he used to be a winger or he might not survive well. He can do it and he shows that he can do it. That’s what Luke has to do but he has not proven it, despite the great talent there, “he continued.

The end of Neville’s career at Manchester United was accompanied by the start of the Valencia era following his move from Wigan in 2009. Sir Alex Ferguson brought Valencia as a winger and Neville admitted that his transition to one of the best right-backs in the Premier League surprised him.

He said: “He is always strong and he can survive well. Even the first time he played in the right-back position, I thought it would be a temporary move, but now United need not bring in a new right-back. Antonio Valencia has been exceptional in these two seasons. “(Source: ESPN)

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