Maradona Still Spoils Argentina and Boca Juniors

Maradona Still Spoils Argentina and Boca Juniors

Argentine legend Diego Maradona is willing to sacrifice himself in order to return to defend his country and Boca Juniors

A total of 71 parties played Diego Maradona with Boca Juniors in two periods (1981-1982 and 1995-1997).

At the international level, the legend carved 91 caps for the Argentina national team.

After 20 years of retirement, Maradona still has a passion for defending Argentina and Boca Juniors.

It is said the man who is now 56 years old, he did not hesitate to cut his own hand for the sake of playing again.

“Appearing once again with uniforms (Argentina and Boca) is something that is priceless,” Maradona told Ole.

Maradona also reminisced about his last performance as a professional player, the Boca Juniors versus River Plate on 25 October 1997.

“We have to play to death, I even have to leave the field because of injury, in the end, we won,” said the player nicknamed “God’s Hand”.

Only one title Maradona gained with Boca Juniors, winning the 1981 Argentine League.

The highest achievement he was with the national team is winning the 1986 World Cup.

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