Cause of Steal Targeted Points at PSMS Headquarters Medan

Cause of Steal Targeted Points at PSMS Headquarters Medan

Batang, Central Java, will travel to PSMS Medan headquarters in the last 16 of Group B of League Two. Both teams will meet at the Stadium of Teladan, Medan on Tuesday (3/10/2017).

The result of this stem only brought 16 people to Medan, as some players suffered injuries. They set a target of one point.

“We did not bring a lot of players and one that we can not play because Alama is still injured and possibly still waiting for about a month,” said Coach Persibat, Daniel Roekito, in a release.

Daniel Roekito did not prepare his team specifically to face the game. Pause the game is quite mepet and travel far enough to be the reason.

“We do not have any special preparations, but we do the evaluation, we fix it especially mentally for the calm of play and for the target later, can one point it is good if you see the condition of players who travel far,” said this former Persik Kediri coach.

The result is likely to get a big ticket round eight because it has a far difference point over his opponent. The result is now ranked second in the standings with seven points and PSMS is at the bottom of the standings as it only collects one point.

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